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Knowledge is power when it comes to shopping for insurance, it’s not wise to go into it just looking for the cheapest offer possible. That's why having a team that will get to know you and your situation can make all the difference in the world.



Insurance for your home or condo. Also talk with us about renter's or vacation homes.



Insurance for your personal vehicles. Also talk with us about rec and motorcycles.



Increase your liability limits. Important if you have a pool or trampoline.



Protect the things that matter the most. Talk to our team today to begin.


How do I know what my house should be insured for?

Insurance is broken down into three major categories of coverage. The cheapest plans will only cover the bare minimum, which you can build off of, but you could be shooting yourself in the foot by having only covered up to moderate damages. They start at the “actual cash value” of the home, including possessions after depreciations are factored in, not just what you have in receipts. There is also a replacement cost or cash value option that doesn’t factor depreciation value, which is what most homeowners choose if they have the ability to, as they would be left powerless in the advent of a complete loss of their home.

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Family is what you make it! Get coverage for surgeries and some routine medication.



Keep your mind clear on the lake! Coverage for all forms of watercraft.



Enjoy vacationing? Get coverage for your RV, trailers, and motorcycles!



Protect your possessions, even if you don't own the space. Talk with us about renter's.

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How much life insurance do I need?

The amount of life insurance you need to purchase varies from person to person. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • Do you have family you need to support should something happen to you?

  • Have you already saved a substantial amount of money?

  • How much debt do you currently carry?

Bovaird Insurance can help you select the right amount of life insurance benefits to ensure your family is properly protected, and we’ll do it at premiums you can afford. To begin the conversation, you can call us at 602-748-1200.

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