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Bovaird Insurance can help you get reasonable prices and excellent coverage by surveying many different insurance companies to ensure that we have the best policy to fit you and your situation. We can help with all lines of personal insurance, such as home, auto, renter's, and life, but also many lines of business insurance, such as general liability, workers' compensation, and commercial auto.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Auto Insurance

Can I get auto insurance coverage for more than one car?

Yes, you can add several vehicles on one insurance policy. The maximum number of vehicles allowed will vary depending on the insurance company but on average you will be able to add at least 4 vehicles to the insurance policy.

Is there a way to get a discount for adding more cars to one policy?

Yes, many insurance companies will offer you a discount when you add a second car to the same policy. The average discount is usually around 10% – 15% but the actual discount amount varies from company to company.

Is there a way to share the car insurance policy with other people?

Yes, most of the insurance companies will allow you to add additional people to your policy. You will usually be listed as the primary policyholder and primary driver. Additional people will usually be listed as second drivers and/or secondary policyholders.

What can happen if I drive a car without insurance? Could you provide examples?

In most of the states driving without insurance is considered a violation of the state law. There is a certain punishment for this violation that may include such things as fees, registration and license loss or suspension and even a jail term.

What are the typical factors that will affect my insurance rate?

There are many different factors that can influence your insurance rate. Whether some specific factors will be used will depend on the policies of each insurance company and the laws and regulations of each state. The list of typical factors that may have an influence on your insurance rate includes: your zip code, insurance coverage gaps, your personal driving record, your family members’ driving records, the type of your vehicle, your yearly mileage and your credit history.

What optional coverage types can be useful?

In many cases is it useful to include rental car reimbursement coverage and emergency road service as a part of your insurance policy. The rental car reimbursement coverage will pay for your rental car expenses if your vehicle was damaged or stolen. The emergency road service coverage allows you to pay for towing expenses if your vehicle becomes inoperative.

Would adding safety features to my car lower my insurance rate?

Most of the insurance companies would offer you a discount if you add certain features to your vehicle. For example, many insurance companies provide discounts for such safety features as alarm systems, head restraints, seat belts, air bags and ABS Anti-lock brakes.

What insurance document will I get when I order car insurance online?

You will usually be able to print out the temporary proof of insurance (insurance ID card) as soon as you make your insurance payment. The official proof of insurance policy will be sent to you in a few days by email or by mail.

What is the usually policy term for car insurance?

The actual term can differ among different states and different insurance companies but the usual insurance policy term is 6 months.

What should I do when my insurance term is about to be over?

Your insurance company will most likely notify you when your term is about to end and will offer you to renew your insurance policy. You should examine the insurance rate that your current insurance company is offering you for the next term and compare it with rates offered to you by other companies. Then you should make a selection based on a combination of factors such as insurance cost and experience that you had with certain companies.

Will I be able to modify my insurance policy after I order it?

Yes, most of insurance companies will allow you to make various changes to your insurance policy including such activities as adding or removing vehicles, adding or removing additional drivers and changing deductibles.

What is a car insurance claim and when would I need to submit one?

A car insurance claim is a request to be compensated for a loss covered by the insurance. If you receive damage to your vehicle from crash or vandalism or personal injuries from an accident, you will usually have to file a claim request to be compensated for your expenses.

Who will handle my claim if I submit one?

The insurance company will usually assign one of its insurance professionals to handle your claim. This will usually be an adjuster – an employee who will examine, inspect and resolve your car insurance claim.

What will prevent my car from being stolen?

You should always install some type of an alarm system in your car, whether it is a passive alarm system that is turned on automatically when someone attempts to break into the vehicle or the non-passive alarm system that you have to turn on manually before you leave the vehicle.

If I need to have my car repaired, can I select any repair location?

Many insurance companies will allow you to use any body shop or repair location to fix your car. They will, however, provide you with suggestions about the best possible locations.

Do insurance companies consider the color of the car for rates calculation?

No. Insurance companies usually don’t consider the color of the vehicle in the calculation of insurance policy premium.

Is there any way to reduce the premium for the collision coverage?

If you would like to reduce your collision coverage expense, you will need to do one or both of the following: reduce the coverage limits or increase the deductible.

Is collision coverage required in any of the states?

At this time there are no states that made the collision coverage mandatory. Most of the states require only the liability coverage and keep the collision coverage as an optional level of protection.

Would my insurance premium rise if I am involved in an accident and I am not at fault?

Most likely your insurance payments will not increase if you were not at fault during the accident.

What coverage types will pay for the physical damage to the car?

Either comprehensive coverage or collision coverage will be used to cover the damage for your vehicle.

What are the steps I need to follow in case of an accident?

First you should contact the police, collect other party's identification and insurance information and get a copy of the Either comprehensive coverage or collision coverage will be used to cover the damage for your vehicle.

Why should I try to take pictures of the vehicles involved in an accident?

If it is possible, you should take these pictures. The reason for this is that you can protect yourself from the possibility that other party will claim more damage than there actually is.

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